Concentrated Liquid Potassium Fertilizer plus phosphrous

  • Supply of Potassium by Foliar application
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Potassium Hydroxide, phosphoric Acid

POTANOVA is a product of Beniz Nahadeh Iranian Company with 45% potassium along with phosphorus in the form of phosphite, which, along with potassium, will cause rapid growth and increase the quality of fruit and seeds. In addition, the presence of compounds that stimulate growth and resist environmental stresses also strengthens the plant in the conditions of flowering and fruit formation.


    Features of LIQUFOS POTANOVA

  • Seed and pod filling·        
  • Sweetening and juiciness of the fruit·   
  • Increasing fruit quality (size, taste, color)·     
  • Increasing plant resistance against pests and diseases·      
  • Increased tolerance to drought stress, salinity, heat and cold


  • Avoid spraying this fertilizer in extreme heat.  
  • Avoid mixing with any pesticides, fungicides and incompatible compounds.
  • The pH of this fertilizer is high and avoid using it directly without diluting it in water according to the instructions.
  • Each liter of this fertilizer should be diluted in at least 200 liters of water and used as an irrigation fertilizer.
  • It does not have the ability to mix with calcium and very acidic compounds.
  • The recommended items are general, according to the age of the plant and the regional conditions, consult with the experts of Beniz Nahadeh Iranian before use.

Features table

net weight 1.25 kg, 6.15 kg, 27 kg
Volume 1 liter, 5 liters, 20 liters
Application Supply of Potassium by Foliar application
Manufacturer Beniz Nahadeh Iranian

Table of elements

 Compounds %(W/V) %(W/W)
Available Phosphate (P 2O5) 2 1.5
Soluble Potash (K2O) 45 33

Consumption recommendation

the product Method of Use Consumption consumption time
Fruit trees Foliar application 2-3 lit per 1000 lit of water Repeat every 3 weeks during fruit growth
Cereals Foliar application 2-3 lit per 1000 lit of water Before flowering, seed and pod filling,

         Enlargement of the tuber

Vegetable Foliar application

With Irrigation

2-3 lit per 1000 lit of water

5-8 lit per ha

Repeat every 3 weeks during fruit growth

At the beginning of growth and at the time of flowering and

During the occurrence of Soil fungal diseases

Greenhouse Foliar application 2-3 lit per 1000 lit of water During fruit development, fruit coloring

Consultation before purchase

Contact our experts for counseling and purchase

Message via WhatsApp: 09120068934

Central office phone number: 02174497


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