Familiarity with Specific Plants

Introduction to the production of special plants (Luxury)

Hamid Larijani, faculty member of Islamic Azad University, Varamin Branch

Content of this article

  • Introduction
  • A number of luxury plants
  • Planting conditions for luxury plants
  • Selling luxury products
  • Requirements for the production of luxury plants
  • Conclusion


You must have heard a lot about profitable plants such as saffron, pistachios and aloe vera. But if you go to the luxury food and fresh stores (Fresh market) or Tajrish Square, you will come across expensive vegetables and fruits that have a variety and a special and different shape and image. On the other hand, with more access to social media and advertising and broadcasting various cooking programs, the curiosity of many people is aroused and they want to try the taste of these colorful and sometimes strange products for once. The affluent class eagerly puts these new products in their food basket.  For these reasons, in recent years, a small domestic market has been created for luxury plants, and it is possible that if the export route of these products to the Persian Gulf countries, especially the UAE, is paved, due to the existence of wealthy customers (very luxury hotels and their customers). The sale of these products will benefit Iranian farmers.

A number of luxury plants:

– Types of berries such as; Blueberry, Raspberry and Cranberry-      Types of black, yellow, cherry, pear and … colored tomatoes-      Chili Peppers Suite, Crimson, Star, Paprika, etc.-      Types of banana squash, star squash, duck, pie, doll, etc.-      Types of vegetables; Arugula, Swiss chard, lettuce and cauliflower-      Cactus fruits; Apontia, Dragon-      Physalis, Peanuts, Pepino, Avocado and Papaya

Planting conditions for luxury plantsTo maintain the market and customers, it is necessary to produce these products for a period of at least 6 months. Therefore, production should continue in the cold season in the greenhouse and then in the open. In terms of climate, due to the diversity of regional and seasonal climate of the country, many luxury plants can be produced in Iran. However, in terms of planting medium, it is necessary to study the necessary studies for each plant. Blueberries, for example, need acidic soil. Plants such as avocados, papaya, passion fruit and cactus also need a subtropical environment that can be grown in the northern or southern coastal areas or in greenhouse conditions.         Selling luxury productsTen years ago, people became acquainted with sweet corn, also known as Mexican corn, which was entirely imported. Today, many farmers cultivate this plant. However, with the development of social networks, this recognition will occur much sooner and market demand is increasing rapidly. The best goals of selling luxury products inside are as follows:-      Hypermarkets-      Fresh markets-      International hotels-      Luxury restaurant chains-      Large and luxurious metropolitan residential complexes of cities-      Embassies            Requirements for the production of luxury plants–      Prepare suitable and original seeds-      Production of seedlings and its transfer to the main substrate-      Having a greenhouse to continue production in the cold season-      Produce a healthy product and use less chemical inputs-      Attractive and convenient packaging

It can be said for sure that packaging is one of the most important requirements for the production of luxury plants. In fact, before producing, the manufacturer must design and prepare the shape, dimensions and material of the packages. In other words, the sale of these products requires special packages, labels and cartons for each product in order to reach the consumer on the one hand without loss of quality, and on the other hand, it represents the specific brand of the manufacturer.  1. Fast transfer to the place of sale in suitable temperature conditions.2. Marketing and selling luxury products requires the organization. It should be noted that luxury products can not be sent to fruit and vegetable markets like others. It is necessary to identify customers and conclude a contract even before planting market studies. After production and packaging, products must be delivered to sales centers on a capillary basis.3. Equipped and hygienic facilities at the production site for sorting, packing and storage at the appropriate temperature.         ConclusionLuxury products have high added value and prices are tempting for many farmers. However, according to the above explanations, it is better for several producers to cooperate in partnership or in the form of cooperatives. In this case, both the variety of products will increase and the continuation of production and organization will be easily possible.

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