Pear and Apple Rust Disease

Investigating the causes and ways of prevention and treatment of pear and apple rust disease

Hamid Larijani, faculty member of Islamic Azad University, Varamin Branch

Content of this article

  • Introduction
  • Reasons
  • Prevention and treatment


Apple and pear rust disease is a physiological disease in which the cuticle becomes thinner and the epidermis is destroyed due to various factors in the fruiting area of ​​the fruit. And the durability of yellow fruits such as pears and apples. Reasons:- Continuous rain and dew- High relative humidity- A sharp rise in temperature and evaporation from the surface of the fruit- High consumption of copper and sulfur toxins- High consumption of nitrogen fertilizers

Prevention and treatment:

– Foliar spraying with Silinox after petal shedding (and repeated 2 weeks later)- Spraying with Captain and Mancozeb- Proper pruning and adequate aeration between branches- Do not plant rust-sensitive varieties- Avoid excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers (reduction of consumption in May)

– Adequate consumption of phosphorus and foliar application of liquid phosphorus (Liqufos) in the hazelnut stage

– Avoid heavy irrigation and reduce relative humidity

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